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Silent Night

Whew. What an exhausting week it’s been!
I finished up my last days as an intern at DHS and started my first day as an employee at GWT! 🙂 We’ve been working on our Christmas play that’s coming up for GWT, and everything has been going so well, until…….
We got a fax from a lawyer in D.C. representing an organization for the separation of church and state saying that it’s is unconstitutional for our kids to sing Silent Night in our program and that we have to take it out. I was speechless when I heard this. I mean seriously?? This is a Christmas play for Kindergarten through 2nd graders, and these people want to prevent the kids from singing a song that they absolutely LOVE! All of this mess has really stirred up our community, and everyone is mad. (Well, except for the one parent who complained to said organization) We have talked to our school system lawyer, but I’m not going go into anything else because we want to keep everything pretty quiet from now on. All the stuff I mentioned earlier was already on the news, so I figured I could share. Just be in prayer for our school and hope that we can continue with our song, because the kids will be heartbroken if we can’t sing. 😦
Other than that, everything is going great! Last night was the high school Christmas concert, and it went really well! Today is kind of my last day of teaching classes, and then we have our Christmas show Monday and Tuesday night! I’m so excited for the kids! And TONIGHT is the night I’ve been waiting on for the past 4 and 1/2 years…… my college graduation!!!!! I’m so pumped!! I have grad practice at 3:15 and then everything kicks off at 7:00! 
I’m off to my (sort of) last teaching day of the year! 🙂

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Crafty Christmas Presents

Hello! Happy Sunday! 🙂
Hope everyone has had a great week! I feel like time is just going by SO fast. I cannot believe that Christmas is only two weeks away! So today after church, Chad and I have been doing a little crafting. We decided that most of our presents this year are going to be homemade since I’m still a student and we aren’t exactly rolling in the money. 😉  I would show some pics of are crafties, but I don’t want to giveaway the surprise! After Christmas, maybe I’ll post all of our crafty presents so y’all can see them!
Later on, I’m going with my parents to my little cousin’s birthday party. She’s turning 5, and I can hardly believe it! She told her mom that this year she wanted a “cousins” party instead of a big party which I thought was so sweet. We have lots of cousins in our family: me, my 2 brothers, Anna and Tess from my mom’s brother, and Peyton and Lyndi (the bday girl) from my mom’s sister. We’ve always been very close and I really love when we all get together! So I’m looking forward to tonight!
Here’s sweet little Lyndi at my wedding this past May! 🙂
Tomorrow starts my last 2 days as an intern, and then I become an employee on Wednesday! I’m SO excited! Also, my GRADUATION is this Friday!!!! I thought this day would never come! Then I’m going right back into school to start my graduate work, but I’m taking it verrrry slow this time. This has been a crazy and hectic semester, but I really have enjoyed it! I’m excited to see what else God has planned for me and for Chad and I together! 🙂
So like I said earlier, Christmas is only two weeks away! eeek! So that means lots and lots of Christmas parties, gatherings, get-togethers, etc. So far, I’ve counted 6 that Chad and I are attending. I’m really worried about gaining weight during all the holiday madness, and yes I know I should worry about it, but I’m still struggling with the fear. I always have a hard time with weight maintenance during this time of the year, but I’m just going to hope and pray that I can get through the holidays without overdoing it!
Well it’s time to get back to crafting our Christmas presents! 🙂
Thanks for reading! God bless! 🙂

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Boring Blogger

It’s been over a week since my last post!! What’s wrong with me???
Well, I’ve been completely stressed out and busy with finishing up my internship projects, helping get the high school choir ready for their Christmas concert, and getting the elementary kids ready for their Christmas show! I’ve been running around like a crazy person the past week and really haven’t had anything terribly interesting to blog about. So that’s the reason for my absence. Not that anyone cares 😉
My Thanksgiving was amazing and filled with fun, family, and lots of food! There was definitely some weight gain, but nothing that I can’t fix! And to be honest, I don’t even care! I mean, come on. It’s THANKSGIVING! My favorite part of the break was definitely Black Friday shopping with my mom, brother (Drew), and Chad. We laughed SO much and had a lot of fun! We got a lot of good stuff too!
Chad and I have been slowly getting out house ready for the Christmas season since after Thanksgiving, and it’s been so much fun decorating and planning for our first Christmas as a married couple! 🙂 We decided that this year, we’re not getting each other lots of presents. We each have a stocking, and we’re going to fill each others’ stockings with goodies and maybe some small gifts. It’s just something fun and simple we can do with out spending a lot of money. 
Even though I just bought myself an early Christmas present. White North Face that is so amazingly warm! It was definitely worth it!
I only have about two more weeks of my student teaching left, and then it’s GRADUATION and Christmas break!! I can’t wait to graduate (Dec 16) and come back next semester as an employee! I have some really fun ideas for the kids next semester! 🙂
Okay well, this post has been nothing but random and probably just a little boring. So I wont torture you guys anymore! 😉 Sorry for such boring blogging, maybe my next post will be better!
Thanks for reading! God bless! 🙂

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