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I have two words…


Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can continue. πŸ˜‰

Yes, it’s my spring break both at Tuscumbia City Schools (where I teach) and at UNA (where I take graduate classes). It’s amazing that it worked out this way, because for at least the past five years their spring breaks have been different.

I have lots of plans for this week, but before I get into those, let me fill you in on the things that went down over the weekend!

Chad came home Friday afternoon, and we immediately went out on a little dinner date. He suggested Olive Garden and it sounded good to me!

Taking sneaky pics with my phone πŸ˜‰

There was a meal on the menu that I had never tried before and was supposed to be one of the healthiest dinner options. It was the Venetian Apricot Chicken and was around 400 calories for the dinner portion. It was fabulous!

Chicken breasts, asparagus, broccoli, and tomatoes in an apricot sauce.

In celebration of Chad’s return, we stopped at Walmart to get a few things that we absolutely positively NEEDED for life to continue.


Saturday we slept in as usual, and then I tried my first ever batch of protein pancakes that I found at Meals and Moves. The only difference is that I used lean chocolate protein powder instead of regular vanilla.

Drizzled on top is a bit of “peanut butter sauce” that I made by thinning out my PB2. Chad used regular syrup and really loved these! The recipe made 3 servings so I froze the rest and plan on having them again tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

I did a little running before lunch, and then we met up with some friends later on that day to see The Hunger Games, which was a fantastic movie! Of course, the book is better, but this was one of the best “book-turned-movie” that I’ve ever seen! (Harry Potter is amazing as well, but they do leave out SO MANY details.)

Sunday was as relaxing as ever. We had a wonderful service at church. My whole family (plus Suzanne, who is practically already family) went out for lunch. We actually went to Olive Garden, and I ordered the exact same thing. hah! We enjoyed a little sun by the pool. (I got my first sunburn!)

I tried my very first Larabar.

I’m not going to lie. I thought it was gross. 😦 I really wanted to like it though!

I also watched some high school kids play duck duck goose.

And I obviously went home that night and decided I needed to stuff my face with…. everything.

Foods I ate last night include but are not limited to: Ice cream, sweet potatoes, various types of nut butter, almonds, fruit loops, and 3 cookies. Don’t worry though, I didn’t vomit. πŸ˜‰ I did however wake up this morning not feeling hungry at all. I had two cups of coffee and just decided to eat a Luna bar for breakfast. Nothing sounded good, not even a smoothie. I also didn’t go to the gym this morning because, well, it’s SPRING BREAK and I’m not waking up at 5 am! I am still continuing the NROLFA though, so I’m probably going around 11 so that I can have a good lunch when I get home to refuel me!

After lunch, me, Chad, Drew, and Suzanne are going grocery shopping for food and things for our trip to Mobile this week! We’re leaving Wednesday and plan on driving from Mobile to Gulf Shores on Thursday to go to the beach for the day. Friday is the singing competition that Drew and I are competing in, so that will be a busy day. Then on Saturday, we’re coming back home. Not a very long vacay, but at least we get a day at the beach! I’m pretty excited, and now that I have my “pre-beach” sunburn, maybe I wont get too badly burned down there.

I’ve got to get some errands and house stuff done before my workout, so I’ve got to wrap this up! Have a great Monday everyone!! πŸ™‚


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Thursday Things

This morning’s run was not very pretty. I wasn’t very fast. I didn’t run as far as I wanted. And I actually had to stop and walk at one point. (But I did sweat A LOT!)Β I don’t know why it was such a funky run, because I’ve done the “25 minute run” from the C25K twice already. But, at least I finished.Β I guess everyone has those not-so-good runs every once in a while? Please tell me the answer is yes!! I’m actually excited about running on Saturday though because I plan on going to a park that has a huge loop and is really pretty! I’m seriously getting sick of running downtown, so this will be a good change of scenery!

The only thing that kept me going durring myΒ atrocious runΒ was knowing that I had an amazing breakfast waiting on me in the fridge!

Hello oats in a jar πŸ™‚ I swear, this is the best way to use up that last bit of peanut butter left in the jar!

The title of this post is Thursday Things, and by “things,” I mean anything.
How about some things I want.

-This gummy bear on a stick

-This shark cup. Imagine drinking your coffee or tea, and SURPRISE! Shark attack.

What about things that frighten me.

-This book…..

-This…. just this.

Okay, let’s get serious. Things I’m excited about!

-Chad comes home tomorrow afternoon!!
-I don’t have any rehearsals today!!
-Spring Break officially starts tomorrow at 2:45 for me! (Even though I can’t technically leave work until 3:05 ;))
-I’ll be going to Mobile for a vocal competition next Wednesday, and Chad plus my brother(Drew) and his girlfriend(Suzanne) are coming too! Drew is also competing in the same competition, but Chad and Suzanne are coming for moral support! πŸ™‚ And definitely not just to go to the beach
-I get to hang out with a long-lost friend today(hopefully), so I wont be so lonely anymore! πŸ™‚

Things I’ve been thinking about…

-My future plans as far as teaching, singing, and graduate school goes. But more on that in another post!
-Tattoos. HAH! KIDDING!!! πŸ˜‰
-I use too many smiley faces. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😦

Well friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Thursday Things. I’m off to buy shark cups and gummy bears.

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WIAW and a Hair Experiment

Hello hello! Good afternoon and happy Wednesday to you all! πŸ™‚

I’m glad it’s Wednesday for three reasons:

1. The week is half over, and I’m one step closer to Spring Break!

2. I’m also one day closer to Chad coming home on Friday!!! I’ve been so loney these past few days. 😦

3. It’s What I Ate Wednesday!!! πŸ™‚Β Shout outΒ to Peas and Crayons for hosting this!

I’ll start off with yesterday’s lunch. It was SO random but so good!

Half an english muffin w/ dark chocolate dream peanut butter, nectarine, light string cheese, and a vanilla oikos.

On the way to opera, I had a chocolate raspberry protein smoothie.

No, I absolutely do not think I look cool in this picture. I just didn’t think to take my sunglasses off and was in a hurry!

Dinner last night was not pictured because I shoved it in my mouth so fast I didn’t have time to take one! haha Rehearsal last night was extra long and didn’t get home until later than normal, so I was ravenous. I had some frozen talipia and a bag of steamed veggies.


I woke up extra early (4:45!) to make sure I had enough time to complete the next workout (workout B) in the NROLFA. It felt so tough while I was doing it, but I actually left the gym not as sweaty as I normally am, so I think I need to start putting more energy into the exercises. I’ll be working a little harder on Friday!

Breakfast was actually not an omelet. GASP! I cooked up two eggs (absolutely no runny yolk. bleh) and had half an english muffin with some laughing cow cream cheese on top. Yum!

Mid-morning snack happened between classes. Cocoa roasted almonds!

Lunch. A peek inside my lunch box shows leftover tilapia from last night, an apple, and a lemon Chobani (which was absolutely disgusting. I will never again buy that flavor. I love all other Chobanis though!).

After a loooong day of teaching, I came home and grabbed my usual Wednesday afternoon snack. A Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar! πŸ™‚

Do you like how this is a picture of just the wrapper? Yet another case of shoving food in my mouth before I can take a picture! πŸ˜‰

Dinner tonight will look a little like this…

Plus some Special K crackers and laughing cow cheese spread… and of course a Fiber 1 brownie for dessert! πŸ™‚

So now that you know what I ate Wednesday (and half of Tuesday), I’ll share with you the hair experiment I attempted yesterday. I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

You put a headband around your forehead and twist your hair in section looping it around the headband as you go. It was too hard to do that.

Here is the result of leaving my hair like this for about 4 hours.

Not as curly as I’d like, but it does look pretty natural. What do you think?

Well friends, I’m off to pack up my dinner so I can get to church! Have a fantabulous (definitely a word) Wednesday!! πŸ™‚

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Spring is Here!!

Good morning and happy first day of spring!! πŸ™‚ I started out my morning with a great 3ish mile run! It was day 1 of week 7 in the C25K.


Now that the weather is warmer, I’m getting so sweaty after my runs. I’m going to have to start finding better running clothes because these tshirts are not so comfy when they’re drenched in sweat!

After my run, I had a batch of overnight oats in a jar waiting on me in the fridge! This jar had 1/3 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, and whatever was left in the almond butter jar. It was delish! πŸ™‚


Yesterday, I talked about my NROLFA workout but didn’t give many details, so I thought I’d explain it a little further. Basically, there are 3 phases in the NROLFA that take anywhere from 4-6 weeks each to complete. Phase 1 incorporates 3 different parts to each workout. 1. A dynamic warm up which includes a lot of different exercises and moves to loosen the joints and literally warm up your body. This takes about 10 minutes. 2. Core work, which uses moves that specifically makes your core muscles work to keep your spine in place. So this means there are no crunches or sit up, but plenty of planks. 3. Strength, which gives you different strength training moves that work other muscles but that also continue to work the core even though you don’t realize it. Each phase has two workouts (A and B) that you do on alternating days with one full day of rest in between. Yesterday I completed workout A, today is my “rest” day, and I used it to run, and tomorrow I will do workout B. So that means Thursday will be another rest day and Friday I’ll go back to workout A.

I’m not going to share exactly what the workouts look like because 1. I’m too lazy to type it all out πŸ˜‰ and 2. It wouldn’t be fair for me to give you all the workouts from the book with out you buying it first! Plus, I wouldn’t want you guys to try all the workouts without knowing why or how to do them. But when I’m finished with this program, I’d be happy to lend the book to anyone who wanted to try it! πŸ™‚

Well I’ve rambled on long enough, and it’s time for me to get started with my day! I’ve got a long rehearsal later today, so I have to get my to-do list done before I leave.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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Weekend Fun and NROLFA

Morning friends! It’s been a fun weekend around here, and I hope yours was good too! But, now we’re back to Monday, and for me, it’s the start of a long and lonely week. 😦 I’ll get to that later though. First, let me give you a little recap of the things that happened over the weekend.

Saturday, I finished the 3rd run for week 6 in the C25K. This was a very exciting run for me, because I completed my very first 5K distance!! It took me about 30 minutes (including a 5 minute warm up walk) to run the 3.1 miles, and then I ended with a 5 minute cool down walk which made my entire distance about 3.35 miles. I was pretty happy with this, and now most of my runs are going to be the entire 5K distance until race day! πŸ™‚

The rest of Saturday was spent with Chad, doing some shopping, going out for dinner, and then watching movies at home. A lovely night! πŸ™‚

Sunday, we had church and then spent the rest of the morning and lunch time together because Chad had to leave to go out of town (for the entire week) around 1:30. Thus the reason for this week being long and lonely. 😦 I wasn’t happy about Chad leaving for a week, but the reason is exciting. He’s going to licensing school so that he can be ordained as a minister in the United Methodist Church. Yay for Pastor Chad! (That sounds weird.)

After Chad left, I got to work on baking yummy treats for my Walking Dead finale viewing party that night! I made cupcakes to look like brains, and red velvet cake balls to look like eyeballs!

The party started around 7:00 so we could watch last weeks episode as well. People got creative with their food items! πŸ™‚

There were fingers (sugar cookies with almonds)

More brains! (meatballs)

and some brain “matter” (red pepper jelly and cream cheese dip)

It was one heck of a spread and one heck of a finale! At one point, we were all screaming at the tv. It got very intense. I’m wayyy too pumped for season 3, but I’m extremely sad that I have to wait until the fall before it comes out! 😦

Today, I slept in a little and then got to the gym around 7:00. I unexpectedly decided to start the New Rules of Lifting for Abs program today! As I was getting ready to leave, I was extremely unmotivated. I think I just needed something different to do, so I grabbed my NROLFA book and read the last chapter before beginning Phase 1 of the program. It seemed very simple and almost easy, but let me just tell you, I was shaking and making audible straining sounds (just like the guys that get on my nerves do!) as I was completing this workout. I only completed 2 out of the 3 sets of the strength section because I could tell I had already pushed myself more than I was used to and didn’t want to hurt myself. I know I’ll be sore within hours.

I left the gym feeling like jello, barely able to walk without shaking. When I got home, I realized that I did not have Chad here to make my omelet! So I had to try it on my own. I never got a picture, but I will say that it looked and tasted awesome! But please don’t tell Chad because then he’ll make me fix my own omelets. πŸ˜‰

I’ve got tons of things to get done before I go to my lesson this afternoon. Plus I have an added opera rehearsal this evening, so I won’t be home until much later than normal. So I’ve got wrap up this post and start my work! I’ll hopefully have a post up later that better explains my NROLFA workouts, because I’m sure that what I wrote above is very confusing.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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Five Facts Friday

Happy Friday!!! It’s the end of another week and the beginning of a (hopefully) fun weekend! Sorry for being MIA yesterday, but I went non-stop all day from 5 in the morning to 6:30 that evening with almost no breaks! It was a very long and tiring day, so when I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was write a sub-par post just for the sake of blogging. And I’m sure everyone was glued to their computers just waiting on my Thursday post to show up. πŸ˜‰

Five Facts Friday

1. FACT Reading and running on a treadmill at the same time is hard.
During my warm up this morning, I tried running and reading from my iPad at the same time. When I realized that I was reading the same sentence for an entire minute, I decided to turn my running warm up into a walking incline warm up. Much better πŸ™‚ and I even came up with a new treadmill workout to show you! I’ll have it up later.
After my warm up, I had two circuits to complete.
3 sets of single leg hip lifts, seated calf raises, preacher curls, and 30 second planks. Then 3 sets of straight leg glute squeezes, single standing calf raises, rope cable curls, and leg lifts.

2. FACT I eat (almost) the same breakfast every other day.
On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I eat something with eggs. Usually an omelet, but in the past it’s been an egg sandwich. Here’s today’s breakfast.


On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays I eats some kind of oats. Always. Yesterday’s oats were overnight style.


Saturdays are my random days. Tomorrow I’m thinking of trying my first batch of protein pancakes!

3. FACT My students are amazing.
I found this written on my dry erase board the other day.


And this is what I have by my desk. πŸ™‚


4. FACT Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and I have absolutely nothing planned. But I may or may not be working on a homemade healthy version of the infamous Shamrock Shake! πŸ˜‰ I do however have something planned for Sunday night. It’s my Walking Dead finale viewing party!! Yes, this is way more important than any silly holiday celebrating leprechauns, beer, and all things green. I’m working on some different ways to make all the food zombie themed. I’ll have plenty of pictures for you. πŸ˜‰

5. FACT It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve weighed myself. I’ve stuck to my Lent promise, but it’s a lot harder than I thought. Since I’ve been working on maintaining my weight instead of losing, I’ve been eating a lot more, so I’m anxious to see if it’s working or if I’m slowly gaining back the weight. :/ I’ve been praying that God will help me to listen to my body and realize what it needs. I know if I can do that as well as continue to exercise, then everything should be okay. But if I start to look chunky, I’ll trust you all to tell me immediately!! πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!! πŸ™‚

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WIAW & A New Book

Afternoon everyone! It’s that time of the week again. That’s right, time for WIAW! πŸ™‚

I hope you’re ready for all of my wonderful, top notch quality iPhone pictures! Haha I know this is technically What I Ate Wednesday, but I have to share with you the awesome dinner I cooked last night, which was Garlic Lemon Marinated Pork Chops (that I got from Skinnytaste with a few adjustments), broiled asparagus spears, and some instant mashed potatoes on the side.


My adjustments to the recipe was swapping out lime for lemon instead, and using garlic salt instead of cloves. But other than that, I followed the recipe from the site! I let the chops marinate for 20 minutes while I prepped the asparagus. I drizzled about a tbs of olive oil on them, then added garlic salt and pepper and shook it all up. I placed them on the pan and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top before broiling them for about 10 minutes. They were YUM-O. Excuse the lameness of that statement.

The potatoes were just something quick I threw in at the last minute. It was a pretty amazing dinner!


After we ate, Chad and I took the doggies out on an evening walk because it was just too nice outside not to! A lovely evening indeed. πŸ™‚

Fast forward!


This morning was almost a bust. I overslept by almost an hour! I was so disappointed with myself. I could have just stayed home and skipped my workout because I had already missed my warm-up time and was pushing it to get to the gym with enough time for my strength training. But I got up (more like jumped out of bed like my body was on fire), and drove my late butt to the gym. I figured doing something was better than nothing! I was able to complete a pretty tough circuit and only had to skip my last set so that I could shower and get to work on time. It was a crazy morning to say the least.


Chad was kind enough to make an omelet for me again this morning! I asked him to throw in some spinach so that’s the green you see in the picture.

I also had a bowl of strawberries with some melted laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese on top. That stuff is heavenly!

Mid-morning snack


Cocoa-roasted Almonds! I had already eaten half of them when I took this.



Left over pork chop, apple, and the best Greek yogurt you will ever eat! Fage yogurt has my heart! πŸ™‚

Afternoon snack (no picture)

I just had this, it was a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar! Only the best flavor ever. But I also feel like I still need a little something to keep me full until dinner. I’ll probably just eat straight from the peanut butter jar have a piece of fruit.

Dinner (yet to be eaten)

Boca burger on a fat free bun with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and spinach. Special K crackers with laughing cow cheese to spread. Fiber 1 brownie for dessert (to be warmed up in the microwave. It’s the only way to eat them!) πŸ˜‰

There will also be a bed-time snack later tonight. (duh) And it’s almost always some kind of sugar free ice cream bar or popsicle. Nothing that will sit heavy on my stomach.

Well guys, that is literally WIAW! But before I leave you, I wanted to share with you the package I received in the mail yesterday…

It’s the NROLFA book I ordered!! There’s a lot more reading involved before you actually start the workouts, but I’ve already gone through a few chapters and will let you know when I’m ready to begin! Pretty soon, my flabby belly will look like the one on this book! πŸ˜‰ haha


Have a GREAT Wednesday!! πŸ™‚

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