Like A Thief In The Night

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Happy Sunday!

How has the weekend treated you? Chad and I have just gotten back from our retreat that we took the youth group on, and it was such an awesome weekend!

After my last post, we played a few games until lunch. One of those games had us passing around a bucket of water using only our feet.

Another game had us split up into groups. We were then given an egg and told to figure out a way to drop it off the balcony without it breaking. The trick was, we could only use natural materials found outside. My group took a think piece of tree bark, lined it with moss, put our egg (named Roger) on the moss, and then covered it with even more moss on top. Then we took some tree vines and tied the moss down to the bark. It was pretty fantastic, and Roger didn’t break!! 🙂

For lunch, we had sandwiches, but I decided to try out the creamy peanut butter thinkThin bar instead!

It’s a terrible picture, but an amazing bar! First of all, it tasted like a Reese’s, so it was a winner just for that. Second of all, it kept me extremely full for a very long time! I didn’t get hungry again until right around dinner time! I guess that’s what 20 grams of protein will do for you!

After lunch, we went to play laser tag and glow golf. While we were there, Chad ordered a few pizzas for the youth (because apparently they have to have food every 2 hours or they get grumpy) and I had this in front of me for a solid 30 minutes.

But I never gave in to temptation! (I was saving my splurge for dinner!)

I also made Chad win me a bear from one of the arcade machines.

We went back to camp after laser tag and got ready for dinner! It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a loooong time!

On my left plate is half spicy pork, half sweet pork, smashed potatoes, and corn on the cob (which I had seconds of). To the right, you’ll see dessert part one which is a warm brownie with whipped cream.

We had a great service after dinner and then had a bonfire afterwards!

This is where dessert part two occurred. We roasted marshmallows, and I’m pretty sure I ate an entire bag! haha

That night after everyone went to sleep, the four adults that were there woke up around 2:55 am. We got some pots and pans and started making as much noise as possible, yelling for everyone to get out of bed and get their shoes on. We took everyone down to the main building and made them sit on the floor in the corner of a small room. They had no idea what was going on, and a lot of them looked pretty freaked out. We called this “Thief in the Night.” In Revelation, it says that Jesus will come back “like a thief in the night.” We told the kids that they wont know when it happens, but it’ll be quick, and we wanted them to think about if they were truly ready for Jesus to return. If He had returned tonight, would you have been ready? It was a really awesome lesson that got a lot of the youth thinking. We even had one rededicate! 🙂

Breakfast the next morning wasn’t until 9, since we lost a little sleep that night. 😉 I kept it simple with a Clif Bar. After breakfast, we had one last service and then were back on the road headed home!

It was lunch time when we got back to the house, so I fixed some quick french onion soup and then threw some croutons and swiss cheese into each of our bowls. I stuck them in the broiler for about a minute, and they were ready!

We’re spending the rest of the afternoon resting and doing nothing. I’m exhausted, and I know Chad is after planning such an awesome weekend! We do still have church tonight though, (The life of a Christian never has a break! :)) and then the new episode of The Walking Dead! woop!

I’ll have more exercise/healthy food/recipe related posts starting back tomorrow! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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