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Swampers 5k, I Did It!

I DID IT! I ran my first 5k today! I was so nervous when I woke up this morning because I made a few too many unhealthy food choices yesterday and thought it would effect my abilities. But I never felt bad, so I guess no harm was done!

I started my morning with a cup of coffee and a clif kid z bar for some running fuel. Then me and Chad went to the school gym to pick up my race bag.

I was pretty excited! 😉

This race used chips to track our times that we attached to our shoes. It was pretty spiffy.

I stopped at the bathroom one last time before heading down to the starting line.

There were over 400 people running this morning! 🙂

Then, we were off!

The race started out awesome, but I could tell I was running a little faster than normal. But, I kept it up for as long as I could. When I reached the 1st mile marker, I saw that my time was 9:30 which is almost a minute better than normal. This pumped me up, and I was able to keep this pace all the way to the 2nd mile marker where my time was 19:20! I was so excited, but that’s when I could feel my energy draining. I’m not going to lie, that last mile was hard, but I pushed myself until I saw that finish line. I could see the time was at 29:30ish and wanted to be under 30 minutes so bad, so a took off and sprinted across the line! My final time ended up being 29:43 and I placed 8th out of 18 in my division! 🙂

Chad was able to find me once, and it was when I sprinted to the finish line!

Yay me! I felt so awesome afterwards (well, after I could breath again).

I took a celebratory picture with my personal photographer. 😉

Then I found my sweet cousin Tess, who placed 2nd in her division!

And here we are wit my aunt Lisa too!

I look like a GIANT next to them.

I also had some orange slices and granola bars along with all the water I was chugging. It was such a fun morning, and cannot wait to race again!! Of course, now I want to train for even longer runs! I see a 10k or possibly 1/2 marathon in the distant future! 😉

I’m off to bed early tonight friends! I’m feeling extra sleepy and think I deserve a good night’s sleep. 🙂 Have a great Saturday night and weekend everyone!


April 28, 2012 at 9:36 pm 4 comments

WIAW & Scary Hair

So I think it’s official that I can no longer make myself wake up early enough to go to the gym before work. I’ve exercised every day this week so far, but haven’t made it to the gym since last Wednesday. I just need it to be summer time so that I can sleep late and go to the gym with out having to worry about getting to work on time! 😉 Oh well, at least I’m still running consistantly. Gotta get ready for Saturday’s race!

 As you all know, it’s Wednesday!!! That means another edition of WIAW! Thanks Jenn! 🙂

This WIAW post is going to feature all the foods I’ve been eating over the past 3 days, so get ready!

On Sunday, I did some baking for a youth cookout. I made these Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Bars that I found on Pinterest! I added my own special touch of fruity pebbles on top. 🙂

I also used those fruity pebbles for my late night snack! I could eat cereal for every meal, but I try not to eat it at all because of all the sugar. But every now and then is okay. 😉



Breakfast: Quick Baked Oatmeal with almond butter; Lunch: Apple slices w/ dark chocolate dreams pb, strawberries, and apple cinnamon chobani; Dinner: Marinated baked chicken, asparagus, sweet potato w/ almond butter.



Breakfast: Overnight OIAJ; Lunch: 2 egg omelet w/ ff mozzarella, turkey bacon, & spinach, and a peach chobani; Dinner: Chicken fajitas made in the Crockpot!

I didn’t take pictures of any snacks, but mostly I’ve been having things like Luna Bars, Clif Kid Z bars, 1/2 an english muffin with peanut butter, and sugar free pudding.

That’s it for this edition of WIAW! (It’s funny because I didn’t include any of the food that I’ve eaten on Wednesday. 😉)

Just a little somthing to make you laugh

The other day after I washed my hair, I put it up in a messy bun (still wet) and left it like that all day. I even went to sleep with it up the same way. The next day I let it down to brush it, hoping that it might have a good curl or wave since I’d left it up for so long. Well, this is what happened…….

I probably should have left it like that just because, but I had a rehearsal that afternoon and didn’t want to scare people.  

April 25, 2012 at 10:43 am 8 comments

My New Diet Decision

Helloooooo, and good morning to you all! 🙂 I’ve had a wonderful couple of days of rest over here, which I needed badly after all the opera rehearsals and performances. But, we’re back for one more rehearsal tonight to get ready for our last two shows this week! I’m so sad to be doing this for the last time, but I guess all good things must come to an end. Plus, I’m preparing for my audition for next seasons opera which is Amahl and the Night Visitors. Auditions are next week, so I’ve gotta work fast! 😉

I’m not going to be talking about food today because I’ve missed 2 days of yummy things, so I’m going to save it for my WIAW post tomorrow! Let’s talk about the package I got in the mail yesterday. A few weeks ago, I won a Luna bar on twitter from the company, so when I got a small package from Clif Bar, I knew exactly what it was. I opened it and found my beloved Chocolate Peppermint Stick, but upon further investigation, saw that something else was in the box. I pulled it out and found this.


Yes, that’s a chocolate dipped coconut flavor scented Luna Chapstick!! Which by the way is my new favorite flavor because it tastes like an almond joy! This is the exact face I made when I realized what it was.

The reason my hair looks like a hot mess is because I had just returned from teaching high school show choir and I normally leave those rehearsals looking like a monster.

Earlier in the day, I did the Tone It Up Under the Sea workout video ( because I never made it to the gym), but I felt like I needed something more. So I geared up and went out for a run. I was only going to run for a short time, but ended up turning it into a training run for my 5k this weekend. I ran the 3.1 miles in a little more than 32 minutes with about a 10:15 pace! Maybe I can actually get a 30 minute 5k time on Saturday! 🙂

I planned on going to the gym to strength train today to give my legs a rest from running, but ended up sleeping until 7:30. I think my body already thinks that it’s summer time. 😉 Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the gym sometime before lunch!

One last thing I want to talk about is my calorie intake. I’ve recently upped the amount of calories I’ve been eating because I reached a good weight and wanted to focus on maintaining. But I don’t think my brain was ready to have this many more calories at once. I found myself having a lot of calories leftover at night and then thinking that I can have a really good “dessert,” but this sort of triggers me into a crazy eating frenzy and I start going back for more. Some nights I’m able to control it, but other nights I just go crazy! I eat fine during the day and make healthy choices, but at night (especially after dinner) I want every bad food in the house. This has been going on for weeks, and I know it’s having an effect of my body and my weight. So I made the decision to cut back my calories again to hopefully lose a few of the lbs I may have gained, and very slowly adding them back into my diet so that my body and brain can adjust properly. I’ll be consuming around 1,400 calories a day with one cheat meal/treat per week. Wish me luck and any suggestions or helpful comments you want to give me would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

April 24, 2012 at 10:22 am 1 comment

Two Kinds of High

Happy Saturday! It’s been such a great day over here so far! 🙂 My opera performance was last night, so I’ve been on a performance high all day! I could say so much about last night’s show, but all I’m going to say is that I’m so blessed to be part of such an amazing program at UNA! If you missed it last night and couldn’t get tickets tonight, then you have one more chance! Thursday April 26 at 11:00 am! Same place, same price! 🙂

I woke up around 9:15 to a text from my mom saying to come have coffee with her. (Let me just say how excited I was that I got to sleep until 9:15!) Mom and I talked until Chad came home, then we decided to go make some breakfast. I made some quick and easy French toast with a little peanut butter on top and also had some frozen grapes on the side.

After breakfast Chad went to go pick up Pierre from the groomer and I geared up to finish the last run for the Couch to 5k program! I’m finally a graduate!! Oh yeah! 🙂

So along with my performance high, I added a runner’s high. I’ve got two kinds of high going on here, and it’s pretty awesome. 😉
Chad got home while I was cooling off from my run, and I got to see the newly groomed Pierre! What do you think??


pay no attention to the poop on the ground

I grabbed a Clif Kid Z bar after my run to hold me over until 2:00. Chad and I decided to eat a late lunch since we had such a late breakfast. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to really eat dinner tonight because there’s a second performance for another cast, and I’m required to be there to help with set changes, costumes, hair, etc. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican place where I had a chicken fajita, but just the skillet! Oh and some chips and salsa of course. 😉

Going to spend an hour or so laying around with Chad and the dogs before I have to head back out to help with the second showing of Hansel and Gretel! I’ll leave you with some pictures from last night! Have a great day!



My amazing voice teacher and opera director!

April 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm 3 comments

Five Facts Friday

1. I have not exercised since Wednesday because of my late night opera rehearsals. It feels, strange to not be active, but I know that the couple hours of sleep and rest I’m getting for these two days is going to benifit me tonight. (My performance!) Tomorrow, I will be back to my usually activities which include strength training 3 days a week and running 3 days a week. As much as I love singing and performing, I’ll be glad to have a break and get my life back for a little while! 🙂

2. I’m running my first 5k next Saturday, and I’m doing it along. BUT, I secretly (not so secret anymore ;)) want someone to run it with me! I begged the husband to run it with me, so he tried running with me a few weeks ago, but you guys remember how that turned out. I asked my brother to run it (looking at you Drew), and he said okay, but you can never trust just an “okay” from him. 😉 So that probably wont happen either. Is there anyone out there that wants to enter this race and be my running buddy?? I promise to go slow!

3. I’ve been showing the movie Fantasia to my Kindergarten and 1st grade classes this week. When I was little, I absolutely LOVED this movie! My brothers and I would sit and watch for hours. No wonder I became a music teacher! Did anyone else love this moive when they were little??

4. Chad and I leave for our cruise exactly one month from today!!!!! We’re flying to Jacksonville the day before our boat sails, and I’m nervous about all our luggage getting there. We’re actually thinking about each of us packing everything into a carry-on bag so that we know  for a fact that we’ll have our things. Does anyone else do that? How does it work out for you?

5. Hansel and Gretel is TONIGHT! We all knew this fact was coming. 😉 I’m so ready to put all our hard work and practice on the stage tonight. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever had the privilage to be in, and I’m so excited!!!! Come see me!!!

April 20, 2012 at 3:58 pm 2 comments

Laughing to Keep from Crying

Happy Thursday! This is one of those weeks where I’m so busy and stressed that I just need to make myself laugh to keep from crying. I figured some of you may be in the same boat, so I thought I’d show you all the things that have been making me laugh lately. 

Before I start, I’ll go ahead and break the news to you. I didn’t run today. This week has been so crazy with opera stuff that I’ve opted for an extra hour or so of sleep instead of running in the morning. No worries though, I’ll be back at it Saturday to get ready for my first ever 5k next week!! 🙂

So basically, I do all of these things…

And now, dog things.

———> THIS website. I cried for a good 20 minutes after reading. You’re welcome.

And last but not least, this picture of me.

This is me in my costume for Gretel. If this doesn’t make you want to come see my show on Friday night, nothing will. 😉

Well I hope I’ve brightened up somebody’s day. I’m off to another dress rehearsal! Have a great Thursday!! 🙂

Back to regularly scheduled “healthy living” posts after opera madness is over!

April 19, 2012 at 3:58 pm 1 comment

WIAW (Tuesday)

Happy Wednesday!! 🙂

No post yesterday… I had a day off from work/voice/opera/everything, so I didn’t want to do anything at all!

But today I’m back and have a good WIAW post for you! Except, it’s actually what I ate Tuesday because yesterday’s food was so much better than today! But first, let’s start with this morning’s workout.

15 minutes on the treadmill, then I tackled this circuit. I upped my weights and reps on a lot of exercises, so I was super sweaty and tired afterwards!

I really needed that sweaty workout because I really over did it yesterday with food. Specifically sweets! :/

I’ll tell you about through this week’s WIAW! 🙂 Thanks again Jenn!


Breakfast: “Reeses” Oatmeal in the last of a yogurt containe


Lunch: Reuben and low fat chocolate ice cream from The Palace


Snack: About 5 million of these cookies I got from Chocolate Covered Katie

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin 

Flourless Peanut Butter


Then I tried to create my own version of the flourless chocolate cookies I found online.I call them, FAIL COOKIES

They were like chocolate crackers…. that didn’t taste like chocolate. 

So to feel less defeated, I created a batch of NOT AT ALL HEALTHY triple chocolate brownies! Dark chocolate brownies with regular and white chocolate chips mixed in. YUM!

These were thick, gooey, and pretty awesome. But I definitely ate too many… 

So because of all my sugar consumption, dinner didn’t really happen last night, which was okay with me because I ended up fixing a plate of food at a reception following the recital I attended last night.  Nothing like some good fruit & veggie trays, pinwheels, and cheese and crackers! 

Hope you enjoyed WIAW (Tuesday edition!) The rest of today (and this whole week) will be devoted to opera music and opera rehearsals! We’re officially 2 days away from opening night!! So if you don’t see a post from me over these next few days, then I hope you have an awesome rest of the week!! 🙂 

Remember! Anyone who lives in the area should come see me perform as Gretel in Hansel and Gretel on Friday at 7:30 pm in Weslyan Hall at UNA! Tickets are $10 at the door! 🙂

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