Happy Memorial Day!

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We’re back from vacation!!! 🙂 I promise I will have recaps of our cruise later, but today is Memorial Day and I’m so excited because we’re spending the day with my family! We get together every Memorial Day at my grandad’s to swim, grill out, and visit. I’m ready for a fun-filled day! Didn’t I just get back from a cruise?? 😉

Chad and I started out morning off at the gym! We’re starting a new thing where we actually workout together 3 times a week. Yes we normally are at the gym at the same time, but he’s always doing his thing while I do mine.

My BIL, Joe trains for fitness competitions and also trains other people, and he gave Chad a workout plan to follow back in February. Chad had been loosely following the plan, but we decided last week that it might be fun for me to join him in the workouts!

We started this morning with legs. OMG. Since I usually do full body circuits, I was so not used to working my legs that much in one workout! It looked like this…




Leg Press


180 lbs

Leg Extension


20 lbs



50 lbs

Leg Curls


20 lbs



5 lbs

My legs were shaking SO BAD. We had to re-arrange the workouts so that we do legs on Mondays because my long runs are on Saturdays, and I don’t want my legs to be too sore.

After our workout, we came home to get some breakfast! 2 egg, ham, cheese, and spinach omelet for both of us! 🙂

Btw, Chad has decided to start following the same healthy eating plan as me! 🙂 I’m excited because he’s going to be trying all the foods that I’ve been enjoying over the past 9-10 months! He’s already doing awesome by measuring his food and counting his fat/calories with an app on his phone. I’m so pumped that he’s going be eating healthy with me!

After breakfast, we had a big job to tackle. The grass. It was in desperate need of cutting. So Chad and I made a deal that I would cut as much as I could while he was weed-eating then he would take over. I got almost done with the main part of our yard when Chad finished, but instead of taking over for me, he decided to take pictures of me. Thanks Chad… thanks.

Chad eventually took over to cut the grass in the front yard and the little side strips by the road. I thought I was done, and then my dad asked me to cut the grass by the pool. I know he wouldn’t have been mad if I had said no, but I was feeling extra nice this morning. So I got his bag mower out of the shed and got to work by the pool. Words can’t describe how sweaty I was. I don’t even think I’ve been that sweaty during a run! But at least it was some good cardio for the day. 😉

After I showered, I needed some carbs in my belly to recover from all that mowing! Enter 1/2 and English muffin with almond butter…

This is actually a recycled picture with pb instead of almond butter, but you get the idea.

Well it’s about time to head out for some fun times with the family! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! And let’s not forget the reason that we have this holiday. Thank a Veteran and remember those we’ve lost.



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