Rough Night

June 12, 2012 at 2:33 pm 6 comments

Last night was not the best of nights. As soon as I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly got a full on migraine that kept me awake and in pain for a good 30-45 minutes. It started so fast. It was no small headache building up to a migraine, and I had no blurry vision or nausea as my usual warning signals. I went from zero pain to level 10 pain in seconds. I couldn’t make myself get up for medicine, so I just prayed that I’d fall asleep soon and forget about it….

I did eventually fall asleep only to be woken up around 2:00 am by Sasha shaking her wrinkly face over and over and over again. Shar pei’s are very prone to ear infections, and she gets them all the time. Her way of relief is to shake her face, and it’s very loud, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Chad finally got up, put some medicine in her ears, and then shut her out of the bedroom. Poor thing I know, but we would not have gotten any sleep if it wasn’t for that!

Needless to say, I was not feeling very rested when my alarm went of at 5:45 for my morning run. So I skipped the run and opted for 45 more minutes of sleep. I’ll just have to get my run in later this afternoon… It’s only 3 miles, so it should take much time, as long as the weather is good!


I had my first cup of coffee first thing this morning to wake me up, then slowly got ready for work before digging into breakfast. Bowl of cereal and a peach Chobani did the trick!


I do not, whatsoever, claim to be a fashionista of any sorts. But, I thought it might be fun to show my outfits on the days that I work. What do you guys think? If it’s something you’re just not interested in, please let me know! But for today, I’ll show you! Keep in mind that since it’s summer time, my school is a little more laid back about our attire.

Sorry for the blurry picture =/

Tank: Target; Blazer: Kohl’s, Lauren Conrad; Shorts: Target; Shoes: Belk, Steve Madden

Next time, I think I’d add some jewelry. Maybe this will make me want to try a little harder when creating outfits! 😉


Sliced strawberry and almond butter sandwich with a tiny drizzle of honey, carrots and hummus, and a hard boiled egg for protein!

In other news, I ordered another pair of running shoes yesterday only a week and a half after buying my Brooks. You see, I have this crazy theory that there is a perfect shoe out there for me, and my Brooks Ravenna’s are not it. They’re not a bad shoe by any means though! They’re cushioned and sturdy and not too heavy, and they felt great when I tried them on at the store. But there’s something about the way they make the balls my feet feel…. almost like they’re numb?? Crazy, I know, but as I was shopping around on Zappos for some fun colored Nike’s, I found a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s for pretty cheap! And since Zappos has FREE shipping, I thought I’d go ahead and jump on that deal. I’m pretty sure Chad wanted to kill me… 😉

Now I’m dying inside very patiently waiting for these babies to get here!

I’m also in the market for a large organizational tote bag that I can put all of my books/teaching supplies and also fit a small purse or lunch bag. (Geez, it’s like I’m made of money) I’ve been told the 31 products are great and also Vera Bradley. I may be leaning towards a 31 bag because the prices seem better. If anyone had any good suggestions, let me hear em’!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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Morning Rituals WIAW {& Endorphins!}

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  • 1. Anna  |  June 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    I recently bought some new running shoes as well. Mine are super comfy, but they too make my foot go numb at times…glad to hear it isn’t just a “me” thing! : )

    I noticed you mentioned almond you use this in place of reg. butter or mayo? I haven’t tried it, and have been trying to “skinny up” my recipes. Any information on what to do for that is much appreciated!

    • 2. gkennington  |  June 12, 2012 at 6:19 pm

      I’m glad it’s not a “me” thing either! I was starting to think it was all in my head! haha And almond butter is just like peanut butter….. only with almonds instead of peanuts! 🙂 Definitely not a substitute for butter or mayo though. IMO it’s better for you than peanut butter, but only because I think that the nutrition in almonds is better than peanuts. But everyone has a different opinion. My husband hates the taste of almond butter and I can’t get enough of it!

  • 3. Sandra  |  June 12, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Be sure to keep up with everything you order from another state. If you do not pay Alabama tax at the time of purchase, you have to pay 4% of the total to the state for Consumers Use Tax. Don’t you just love it? Everybody is required to pay regardless of income.

    • 4. gkennington  |  June 12, 2012 at 9:13 pm

      Aww boo :/ Thanks for the heads up!

  • 5. Krissy  |  June 13, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Definitely go 31 for the bag! Love the pics of the food! Lunch looked de-lish (and healthy)!

  • 6. Do You Know What Today Is?? | Eat, Sweat, Sing  |  June 14, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    […] Jeans: Target (these are actually my favorite pair); Top: A little boutique called Impulse; Sweater: TJ Mazz Necklace: Another boutique called Nellie Mae; Shoes: Steve Madden (same from Tuesday) […]


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