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August 6, 2012 at 11:27 am 5 comments

This is it. My last free week. Starting next week, Monday will mean the beginning of another week of school. But I think deep down I’m really excited to go back to work. Yes, being able to take my time in the morning is really awesome, but when I have nothing that I actually have to do during the day, it just seems pointless. So I’m ready to get a schedule and routine going again! And I’m ready to teach my kiddos!! 🙂

Today was LEG DAY my friends, and I am pumped about how well it went!

Before heading to the gym, I mixed up a new amino acid supplement that I got yesterday called “Chain’d Out.” Sounds ridiculously manly, I know. But I got for free from my BIL so I’m not complaining! I will say that I now understand why he gave it to me. It tastes pretty bad. He suggested that I mix in a little mio to help with the tartness (sure, that’s a word), and it did help a little!

Yummmmm. 😐

No matter the taste, I knew I’d need the strength and energy from this deliciousness to power me through the workout.

I went up in weight on every single exercise today, and even if it still doesn’t seem to be a lot, I was happy for an improvement! It’s so amazing to push your body to do something that it couldn’t do a week ago!

Question for all you weight lifters out there! On my squats, I feel like I could go up in the weight a lot more, BUT the bar hurts my neck so much that more weight just sounds terrible. I use the padding AND a towel when I squat, but it doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions??

I refueled with a protein shake and then made an egg white omelet with fat free mozzarella and spinach.

As I was going through my Google Reader, I came across a post (I don’t remember which) that talked about Hal Higdon’s marathon training plan. I had heard of his plans and had even looked into his half marathon plans, but for some strange/stupid reason, thought that the plan I made up for myself would be better than a plan made by a professional. Silly me. 😉

I got to thinking about my last couple of weeks of running. Two weeks ago I had a terrible long run, and just this past weekend, I had to skip my long run because of a race I did the night before. Then I couldn’t motivate myself enough to run the miles on Sunday. One of the reasons I never wanted to use Hal Higdon’s training plans, was because it didn’t seem like I’d be running enough high mile runs to be prepared for the half. But again, what the heck do I know??? HE’S THE PROFESSIONAL! haha I truly believe that if I had decided to keep using my own “training plan,” that I would eventually burn out and hurt myself. I was planning on running 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 mile longs runs for three weeks straight! Yikes, glad I came to my senses. 😉

So today, with exactly 12 weeks to go until my first half marathon, I decided to download the app and use Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon training plan!

Yay for following a professional’s opinion instead my own! haha

While on the subject of running, I got some new gear the other day!

Fuel belt and Gu for those long hot runs!

Compression socks just because I wanted them! I’m currently wearing them now even though I don’t have a run scheduled today. 😉 They’re comfy, but also feel weird. And they are NOT easy to get on. I think my hand caught a cramp during the process.

And while I’m on this ramble of fitness, gear, and such, I’m going to share the kinds of supplements I use (almost) daily because I had someone ask me about this a few days ago!

It’s not much, but it’s what I use right now! Protein powder on the left, usually mixed with almond milk after a workout or a run. Daily multivitamins in the middle. Chain’d Out aminos on the right that I’ll use before a workout or run. That’s the one I just started today! Like I said, Chad and I get our powders from his brother because he gets discounts, but I get my vitamins from any grocery store.


I sure am going to miss being able to blog in the morning and take my time with posts. I gotta get used to either writing the night before, or posting after school. Oh well!

Have a Marvelous Monday! 🙂


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