WIAW {Fall Into Good Habits}

September 5, 2012 at 6:21 pm 3 comments

Hello! I love Monday holidays because it makes the rest of the week fly by! It doesn’t feel like Wednesday to me, but I’m glad it is! Well, besides the fact that it’s always my busiest day, it’s also What I Ate Wednesday!!! Thanks always to Jenn!

This months theme is “Fall Into Good Habits,” and I’m excited to share some of my healthy habits, both old and new! 🙂 So let’s get started!

1. A new habit I’m going to try, is pre-setting my coffee maker to have the coffee ready before husband and I go to the gym. Coffee makes me happy, and I will actually get up earlier if I know there’s going to be coffee. My hope is that I will actually want to get out of bed at 5 am so that I can have a cup before our workout. We’ll see how this goes. And remember, studies have shown that 1-2 cups of coffee a day are actually good for you!

Here’s a look at today’s workout. We actually made it to the gym this morning!!! 😉

2. Another good habit is to eat a good breakfast! I know so many people who actually skip breakfast because they’re either not hungry or want to “save” calories for later in the day. Uhhhhh?? No thanks. I HAVE to eat breakfast or I wont make it through the morning! Sometimes after a workout I have a protein shake and an egg white omelet. I wasn’t feelin’ the shake this morning, so I went with a big stuffed omelet made with 1 egg and 3 egg whites. Inside was spinach, mozzarella, and cubed ham.It was delicious and will keep me full until lunch!

3. Good habit number three! PACK YOUR LUNCH! I’ve been doing this for the past 3 and 1/2 years, so it has definitely become a habit. It is the best way to know for sure that you’re going to eating a healthy lunch! Today I packed chicken, chedder cheese, and a little hot sauce that I warmed up in the mocrowave. I also packed a Fuji apple with PB2 for a little sweetness.

4. A good habit that goes along with packing a lunch, is trying to pack it the night before. I sometimes slack on this, but what I try to do is prep and pack my lunch as soon as we finish eating dinner. That way, I can spend the rest of the evening relaxing. I always feel less rushed in the morning when I know my lunch is ready for me to grab!

5. Always keep healthy snacks with you! This is especially good for me if I have to stay late at school for some reason. I have a healthy snack with me and don’t have to go to the vending machine. It saves money and calories! On the days that I run (which is Tues-Thurs), I bring my aminos with me and fix them right after school. It always curbs any hunger I have AND gives me energy to get through the run!

Today was no different! 4 miles on my favorite treadmill. 🙂

6. Refuel your body the right way! I used to be TERRIBLE about this. I would count my runs (even my long one!) as just “extra calories burned” and not eat any extra. This does not work! I would end up binging on unhealthy foods later on because my body was starving for nutrients! Today, I refueled with a Pure Protein bar that I randomly found at the grocery store. 20 grams of protein and only 3 sugars?? Heck yes!! 🙂

7. Find healthy foods that you LOVE and make it a habit to eat them often! I look forward to eating healthy when I get to eat my favorite foods! For me, it’s sweet potatoes. I could seriously eat them for every single meal! Dinner last night included a very odd shaped sweet potato.

8. Pick one thing to have for “dessert,” and don’t go back to the kitchen for more. After dinner snacking is a weakness of mine. I want to make it a habit to pick one night-time snack or dessert and then stop eating after that (unless I’m seriously hungry). My go-to dessert lately has been what I call “blueberry mush,” or sometimes I call it “bloop goop.” 😉 I got the idea from Tina a few weeks ago. 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tbs almond butter, and 1 wedge laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese. Microwave for 60-90 seconds. YUM!

There are plenty of good habits that you can learn from other people who’ve linked up their WIAW posts! Just go over to Peas and Crayons to check them out!

I’m off to church! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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A Lot of Energy Thursday Thoughts

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  • 1. Alex @ therunwithin  |  September 5, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    oh my gosh I miss asparagus, I haven’t had it in ages. great tips!

  • 2. jessielovestorun  |  September 6, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Love all the tips girl!.. and wow, your omelet sounds delicious. I haven’t put ham in one of mine in forever! Thanks for reminding me how amazing it is!

  • 3. Thursday Thoughts | Eat, Sweat, Sing  |  September 20, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    […] 1. I’m pretty much rocking the challenge! I’m still making healthy choices, but I’m not worried about having extra food if I’m still hungry because of the calories. I feel awesome and I’m rarely ever hungry! I don’t try to “save calories” during the day so that I can have enough for something sweet at night. I just eat! Usually my dessert is a 1 Minute Chocolate Cake or some “bloob goop.” […]


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