Friday Five

November 30, 2012 at 6:13 pm 1 comment

Hello hello! TGIF!! I’m recapping this week “five” style!

Five Meals from the Week

1. Healthy baked chicken nuggets with TJ’s sweet and spicy mustard and roasted green beans and the last bit of broccoli slaw.


2. Pumpkin oats with peanut butter


3. This strange lunch I had yesterday that consisted of 1 can of tuna mixed with buffalo sauce, laughing cow swiss cheese, and broccoli slaw. It was quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten but was so good. Carrots on the side.


4. Bowl of plain Chobani, vanilla, stevia, cinnamon, chopped apple, and almond butter


5. Big bowl of brussels sprouts, broccoli slaw, and spinach with my first ever attempt at a dippy egg. It was fabulous, and I will definitely be using this egg technique again!


Five Three Workouts from the Week

Yep, it’s been one of those weeks where I only managed to get to the gym 3 days. I’m working hard on getting our Christmas musical together, which requires lots of time spent working after school, so my afternoon runs aren’t really happening. Morning runs don’t happen because I’m just too darn lazy. But I did fit in my 3 Best Body Bootcamp strength sessions for the week! #winning?

Monday: Workout B, which was “pull boot camp circuits.”

Wednesday: Workout A, which was “push boot camp circuits.”

Friday: Workout C, which was “full body super sets with partial reps.” For the partial reps, we were supposed to lower our weights by 30%. Then we go to the peak contraction of the exercise returning halfway back to the starting position until fatigued.


Whew, that was tough!

Five Random Things About This Week

My brothers’ birthday (birthdays?) was Tuesday, and Mom invited me and Chad over to eat cupcakes. When we got there she told me that Rick and Drew were busy and couldn’t come…. so we ate their cupcakes and sent them this picture.

Cupcakes RandD Bday

I kind of felt bad for it, but then I bit into this cupcake and changed my mind.

Cupcake RandD Bday

Holy yum that was good. Anyway, happy belated birthday to my wonderful twin brothers, Rick and Drew! 🙂


2. This has been my view every morning on my way to the gym.


I mean, it’s pretty and all, but I’d rather not be driving to the gym at a time of day when the moon is out. Darn work schedule preventing me from working out after the sun rises! 😉

3. I received a letter in the mail about an opportunity that I’m really excited about but wont talk about on here juuuust yet.

4. I ordered a pair of Brooks Pure Flows on Sunday (they were almost 50% off!), and today they were waiting on my when I got home from work!!!

Brooks Pure Flows

I cannot WAIT to run in them tomorrow!!! 🙂

5. I saw this post from Jenny yesterday about doing a 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge. Since I’ve really been slacking on posting daily, I thought this would be the perfect way to challenge myself to write once a day, even if it’s just about that day’s topic and nothing else! Plus, I wanted an excuse to use her cute buttons. 😉

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Here’s a look at the challenge:

Five Ways I Plan to Stay Active During the Holidays

Now, I’m not the kind of person who’s going to decrease my calories leading up to the holidays just so I can eat all I want when they get here. I’m just going to eat all I want anyway! lol So, my main goal for the upcoming month is to stay as active as possible!

1. I joined Courtney’s2012 Closeout Workout Challenge” on Challenge Loop. Basically, I’ve pledged to do 2,012 total repetitions of push-ups, bench dips, crunches, leg lifts, and air jacks during the 31 days of December. That comes out to about 13 reps of each exercise per day, which is pretty attainable! This is just another way to keep myself moving every single day, even if I don’t go to the gym. Plus, there are prizes for people who complete all the reps! 🙂

2. I’ll be finishing out the last two weeks Best Body Bootcamp strong! There’s still two weeks of December where I’ll have to figure out an exercise routine, but I think I can handle that. Then I’ve got something exciting in store for 2013! 😉

3. RUNNING. I’ve been slacking like crazy on my runs lately. There’s a Candy Cane 5k tomorrow that I may or may not be running. If I don’t, then I’ll just run 3-5 miles on my own. There aren’t really that many more races in my area until December 31st, so I’ll just have to be committed to getting these runs in on my own! Then, once again, I’ve got some exciting running news for 2013!

4. Fun holiday “active-itie”s. For example, instead of sitting on my butt and shopping online, I could get in a little walking and actually go out to the mall/store to do my Christmas shopping. Instead of standing around in the kitchen waiting on dinner to cook, play some Christmas music and dance. Park a little further away from the entrance at the grocery store. I know it’s cold out, but the extra walking is good, plus there are people who actually need those closer spots. You get the idea!

5. Give to others. I know this isn’t a physical activity that will improve my health. This is the kind of activity that will improve my spiritual health and make me a better person from the inside out. It’s always good to give to others, whether it be giving to charities, sponsoring a child/family for Christmas, or even baking some treats for the neighbors. Do some good this holiday season! 🙂

Well, I’ve got a groggy husband to take care of (poor thing just had a colonoscopy) and feed dinner. Have a great Friday night!


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MIMM! Running, Shopping, and Blog Challenge Day 1

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  • 1. Alex @ therunwithin  |  November 30, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    oh man tell him I am sorry, I had a colonoscopy about two months ago and it was terrible. brutal. I think the tuna idea sounds kind of delicious! I am a huge canned tuna fan. looks like you really want to achieve a lot this next month, I have full faith in you.


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