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April 30, 2013 at 4:02 pm 2 comments

Okay okay! I think I have finally gathered enough thoughts to discuss the race! People/bloggers recap their races in lots of different ways. I like to break mine down into sections of things I remember most. There really is no method to my madness. I’m just playing back the race in my head and writing what I remember and how I felt. So here ya go!

Mile 0“I want to die.”

This would be the 30 minutes that I had to wait before my corral finally made it to the start line. I was soaked, freezing, and miserable. For a split second, I considered stepping out of the corral and calling Chad to come get me. I was shivering so hard that my quads kept tightening up whenever I wasn’t moving. Things started getting better as we got closer to the start though. The announcer really helped to pump us up right before our horn blew, so by that time I was ready to rock (n’ roll?).

Mile 1“WHAT? A mile gone already??”

With all the people cheering and music playing (yes even in the pouring rain!), I couldn’t believe how fast that first mile went!

Miles 2-5“Holy crap I cannot believe how awesome I feel right now!”

These were some of my favorite miles. We ran through the downtown part of Nashville, and seeing all the sights and people everywhere was just awesome. Yes the hills were crazy, but I just kept pumping my arms and getting through them. I took 3 Clif shot blocks at mile marker 5. It was around that time that I decided not to put my headphones in for the rest of the race. I had originally thought I’d run the first little but w/o music so I could take in the crowd and then listen to a little bit to get me through the rest. But I was loving listening to people talk, crowds cheer, and music set up all throughout the course!

Miles 6-9“I think I can run this thing without stopping!”

By the time I was running these miles, I started contemplating running the entire race. I usually add in walking breaks to keep my legs from giving out on me at the end, but I just felt so good. I knew I could make it through the whole thing. And that’s what I did! πŸ™‚

Mile 10“Man, I’m starting to feel it now. But only a 5k left and I’m done!”

Seeing that 10th mile marker made me happy happy happy!

Miles 11-12“Uhhhhhhh am I about PR this race??”

By this time, I was starting to calculate my time with my Garmin to see when I might finish. It seemed like I might have a chance at a PR, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t know how far behind the official clock I was, and my brain could not function enough and run at the same time. haha So I just kept pushing.

Mile 13-Β “This is it! Give it all you’ve got! HOLY MESS HOW LONG IS THIS HILL???”

Yeeeaaah, those of you who have run Nashville probably know about that freakin’ hill at mile 13.

Mile .1“SPRINT!!!!!!!”

When I saw the finish line, I was like lightening. I actually ran/pushed through a group of people in front of me to keep from slowing down. Of course I apologized as I was shoving them out of my way. πŸ˜‰


My watch told me I finished in 2:15:??, but when I found Chad, he showed me a picture of my official time from the website. When I saw 2:14:31 I almost cried!! Words could not express how happy I was!

after race

I know that my race PR was a God thing. I remember waiting to start and praying that God would take the rain away. I asked Him why the rain needed to happen? What good reason could there be?? And now I know why He didn’t answer my prayer. His plan was SO MUCH BETTER. The rain without a doubt helped me have one of the best races of my life. Without the rain, my body may have heated up quicker and I would have gotten thirsty and fatigued much easier. I’m am so thankful to God for the rain!

Okay, I’m ready for my next half! But more importantly, I’m ready for my first FULL. I’ve just got to decide when and where. I’d love your marathon suggestions!

Happy Tuesday! πŸ™‚


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